Moving can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you have many things to relocate. However, these tips are quick and very doable. They can help you simplify this process and keep the stress down. 

-Use transparent plastic containers 

The reason why is simple – you can see what’s inside. Easy to find and unpack things. 

-Pack away all the furniture fittings in the fridge 

You won’t lose them there. You’d have them all in one place. Easy unpacking and assembling. 

-Use clothing to wrap dishes 

This way you can save money on bubble wrap and moving peanuts expenses. 

-Pack away your cups into socks 

Very easy method. Wrapping up the cups in paper or plastic is hard and boring. Socks are fun and easy. 

-Get your bathroom and toilet  in the new home shining

Clean them up before you move in. it’s a good start and makes your life so much easier. 

-Use cotton wads to protect your makeup

Just place one or two inside the boxes with eyeshades, etc. this would keep them whole and unbroken. 

-Cover bottles with liquids in food wrap

All your perfumes, shampoos, gels, etc. Just wrap up so they would not leak and cause trouble. 

-Use drawers as your suitcases

Pack them up with things and wrap up with the plastic wrap. This way you can save money on boxes. 

-Use large trash bags to pack away clothes

Do not take the clothes off the hangers. When they are in your wardrobe, push them together and put a plastic bag on all of them going from down and up. This way you won’t have to spend hours packing and unpacking them.

-Pack and label each room separately

You may sign the boxes: “Kitchen”, “bedroom”, etc. Or make color labeling system of your own. Then just take the marked boxes in each room and unpack them when you need to. 

-Number all your boxes

This way you would know that nothing got lost during the move.  

As you see, relocation can be made much easier, if you only know how to use some smart tips for it. Start with these and get more on our page.

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