Moving to another town cannot be done in one day, unless you have just few items to grab and go. So, this relocation checklist would help you to plan it and actually even enjoy it. It’s the quickest way to trouble free move.


Set up your moving budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on it and take it from there. This way you would be able to cut down some expenses (free packing materials, volunteer loaders, etc.). 

2.Make a list of stuff

Go through your furniture, home appliances and things and decide, which ones are moving town to town and which ones are not. This list is one of the first things to do. It will help you to plan for the adequate amount of packing materials and pick the right size of truck. It will also help you to plan for the disposal of the stuff or donation of it. 

3.Book ahead of time 

Do your booking at least 6 weeks prior to the move. The earlier you book, the lower the costs would be. Many companies are willing to make a discount for early booking. Moreover, the last minute booking can be expensive and risky. 

4.Accumulate or order supplies 

Start it early, at least 6 weeks before the moving. You may save a significant amount of money, if you get free boxes. You may ask your friends to give you theirs or to ask for them in the nearby stores and other locations. You may also browse online to get some used boxes for a trifle of their price.  

5.Prepare for proper labeling 

Develop your own labeling system. You may use color markers, color stickers or any other method you like. This way you won’t confuse your boxes and the unpacking would be easy. Plus, if you urgently need to get something out of your packed boxes, you would have no trouble doing that. 

These moving tips would make your life easier and help you save some time and money. Plan it and enjoy it.

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