Relocating a house could be a tough task to manage. However, getting both your home and the garden moved is even tougher. Here are some practical relocation tips that would make the process easier for you safer for your plants. 

-Start early 

Preparation time is crucial. You need to start at least 8 weeks before the moving  date. Make a list of all the green things you wish to move. See, if those are really movable. The outdoor ones have to be uprooted and replanted into containers. Do not move the immediately, lest the plants parish. 

Those need time to adjust to new conditions and get a bit restored; then they would be strong enough to endure the move. Water them well and do your best to keep them alive. 

-Pick the right season

Not all the plants can endure the replanting in summers or winters. Fall and spring are the best seasons to relocate them and then plant in the new home. 

-Pick the right mover 

Not all the moving companies are willing to deal with perishable plants. Especially, if the road takes over 1 day. So, when you move your garden, look for an experienced service provider. They even might have special feet of cars for that purpose. 

-Find a suitable vehicle 

Keep in mind that plants (both indoor and outdoor) require certain climate conditions to survive. They need the right level of humidity and proper temperature. If it gets too cold or too hot, you lose the plants and waist your money. 

-Do the pruning

It might help you to get more plants into a car. Plus, inspect them for pests to avoid the infestation in the new location. 

-Provide watering 

You may use hydrogel for this purpose. You add it to the planters. It holds in the water and keeps you plants hydrated during the move. 

 These tips are practical and they can help you to relocate your garden safely and enjoy your favorite plants in the new location. 

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